About Us

kim_stengel-3                                      Jennie Magaro
Kim Stengel- Co-founder:

Kim Stengel is a true Hamptonite, having been raised in Southampton since the age of 4.  Kim is a graduate of Fairfield University with a B.A. in English and Communications. Kim has a successful career in real estate and enjoys her work in that industry. She is also one of the founders of a local Hamptons charity called WITH Care (Women In The Hamptons Care), an organization that helps local women and families in need. Kim is a mother of two children, and has utilized many camps, schools, services, and sports instructors in the area.  She can expertly plan the ideal summer for each child.  She wants the parents to relax, while the children are kept busy and happy.   Kim often is asked, “Is there anyone you don’t know out here?” Fortunately for HFC, the answer is usually no. 


                         Jennie Magaro- Co-founder:

Jennie has her Masters degree in education from NYU, and has taught elementary school in NYC and the Hamptons.  She moved from NYC to the Hamptons full-time in 2000 when she got married, and had her first child in 2003. Jennie founded and ran The Hamptons Tutoring Center for several years, and is now devoting her organizational skills to Hamptons Family Concierge. As the mother of two children and a “kid expert”, she has experienced many programs, activities, and establishments first hand.  She has also thrown several fundraisers for children, such as “Kids Rock the Hamptons”. Jennie believes that every child is unique, and the Hamptons offers something special for everyone. She knows how busy parents can be, and how valuable their time is when on vacation.  She looks forward to sharing her Hamptons favorites with you!



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